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Keanu Taylor kills Callum Highway? First look at EastEnders kidnap ordeal

Ben is in a race against time to save his boyfriend

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Published: Monday, 10th February 2020 at 10:01 pm

EastEnders fans are fearing for the future of Callum Highway (Tony Clay) after Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) returned with a sinister threat to Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) he may never see his true love alive again.


Keanu stunned bullying Ben when he came 'back from the dead' and revealed Martin Fowler, the hitman hired by the Mitchells to bump him off for bedding 'Enders' resident hard man Phil Mitchell's wife and daughter, helped him fake his demise on Christmas Day and go on the run.

Deciding he wants to the chance to be a father to Sharon Mitchell's baby, Keanu has made a secret return to Walford and come face-to-face with Ben, telling him to do what he says or Callum dies.

eastenders callum highway

First look pictures from Tuesday 11th February's episode show the Taylor tyrant is holding Callum hostage in a remote location away from the Square, which actually looks suspiciously like the derelict warehouse Keanu was taken by Martin. That's poetic justice…

Hellbent on revenge against Ben, Keanu is out to prove he's not a man to be messed with as he checks in on his terrified quarry. But what exactly has Keanu got planned for Callum, and what will he demand of Ben? And as much as Mr Taylor is playing Ben at his own game and acting the hard man, does the mild-mannered mechanic really have it in him to do something properly horrible to innocent Callum, who is just caught in the crossfire?

eastenders keanu taylor

Callum is bound and gagged and the sweet-natured Keanu of old appears to be well and truly gone in these moody images. The abduction twist pits Keanu against the Mitchells and is surely paving the way for EastEnders' explosive 35th anniversary week, kicking off on Monday 17th February and telling the story of a life-changing day in Walford from three different perspectives, ending with a tragic death.

Could Keanu, Callum, or even Ben be about to meet their maker? Or can Callum escape his captor?


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