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EastEnders's Kat learns Phil's big secret at last

She can't believe how deep his lies run.

EastEnders: Kat Slater (BBC)
Published: Tuesday, 28th June 2022 at 8:00 pm
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There was a big bombshell for Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) in tonight's EastEnders (Tuesday 28th June), as she learned the truth about her fiancé Phil Mitchell's (Steve McFadden) prison stint.


After a day that was already dramatic enough, where Kat was held captive alongside Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean), Sam Mitchell (Kim Medcalf) and Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) by two men with a gun, one of the thugs accidentally set off the weapon and Kat fell to the ground - but was luckily unharmed.

However, it was when Sam arrived that things took a turn for the worse. She attempted to square up to the men, certain that Mitchell nemesis Jonah was behind this sinister situation. But when Sam realised that they were intent on carrying out the threats, she backed down.

eastenders phil mitchell
EastEnders' Phil has a way out of jail - but he won't take it

Meanwhile Shirley hid in the office, but given that the safe was there too, things weren't looking good for her. But she is nothing if not resourceful, and as the men walked in she attacked one with a bat. This did little to stop them in their tracks, though, and as the chaos continued, the other man, armed with the gun, pointed it at Kat and Sharon.

With the four women now totally helpless, the trigger was pulled once again - and Sam launched herself in front of Kat, taking the bullet herself. Sharon immediately set about trying to keep the injured Sam calm as the men fled and an ambulance was called; while Kat spotted a piece of paper fall out of Sharon's pocket.

After a chat with the police, Sharon kept Shirley's earlier actions out of her statement, while they were reassured that Sam would be okay as she had suffered a flesh wound. Kat then instructed Sharon to join her at home, where she presented her with what turned out to be a prison stub. She now knew that Sharon had been regularly visiting Phil behind bars.

Sharon admitted everything, with Kat now wondering just what was going on between ex-spouses Sharon and Phil. But Sharon explained that she had been trying to convince Phil to take a deal from the police which would free him - his refusal to become a 'grass' being the only problem.

Kat then struggled to come to terms with the knowledge that Phil had been lying to her for so long. How will she react to this news?

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