Ronnie Mitchell will face a race against time next week when she tries to stop true love Jack Branning from marrying another woman.

Jack will be seen coming back into Ronnie's life this week, but their reconciliation doesn't exactly go to plan. Next week's episodes, though, will see Honey tell Ronnie that she ought to reconsider and try making a go of things with Jack.

But then comes the bombshell: Honey has found a picture of Jack and a woman called Delphine on social media that's captioned 'last night of freedom'. All of which leads Ronnie and Honey to conclude that Jack is getting married the next day!


Scenes to be broadcast on Friday 11 March will see Ronnie discover the venue of Jack and Delphine's wedding and ask Billy to find a car so that they can stop the service. But the best that Billy can manage is a clapped-out hearse that soon breaks down.

With only a few miles to go, a desperate Ronnie rushes to the hotel to halt the nuptials. But will she make it in time?

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