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EastEnders: will Lucas be released from prison?

Actor Don Gilet may be back on screen - but will he be returning to Albert Square?

Published: Thursday, 4th February 2016 at 9:27 am

He murdered Denise's ex-husband, drowned a dog and left his ex-wife Trina to die - but could evil Lucas Johnson end up leaving prison behind and returning to the Square?


Viewers have already seen Denise reestablishing contact with Lucas via phone, while a visit behind bars is imminent in an upcoming episode. But will Lucas be manipulating the drama from the confines of his cell or as a freed man?

"Well, I don't know how many people go around just getting out of prison so easily for what they're in for - and there's no question as to whether he did it or not," says actress Diane Parish. "It would be the end for Denise, wouldn't it? 'Thank you and good night' is what they'll be saying!"


Long-term fans of EastEnders will remember that Lucas did try to strangle Denise before locking her in a basement and allowing her family to believe that she had killed herself.

Now, though, the pair are to come into contact again thanks to their shared concern for Lucas's son Jordan, who is about to make a comeback to Walford.

But don't expect Lucas to have mellowed during his period of incarceration. Speaking to Inside Soap, Parish adds: "What's so interesting this time is that Don [Gilet] has brought a much more sinister side of Lucas to the table. It's really quite chilling, so you end up not knowing what's going to happen next!"

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