EastEnders star Danny Dyer is building his own replica Queen Vic

The actor - who plays landlord Mick Carter on the BBC1 soap - will now also be pulling pints from the comfort of his own home

Danny Dyer is bringing a touch of Albert Square to his own house. The EastEnders star – who plays landlord Mick Carter on the BBC1 soap – has revealed to RadioTimes.com that he’s having his own replica Queen Victoria pub built.


“I’m moving house in a couple of months and there’s going to be a little annexe. And I’m going to get some of the props boys in with the blueprints of the EastEnders set, so they can build me a mini Queen Vic. A mini Vic in my man cave!” he says. “I am basically turning into Mick. I’m going to have optics and pumps. I’m really going for it. I’m being straight with you. Proper little sign outside and everything. I’m excited about it.”

In a new interview, the actor – who is currently up for Best Actor at this year’s British Soap Awards – also reveals that he thinks the BBC1 soap should be richly rewarded at the prize-giving ceremony later this month. Referencing the week of live episodes in February that coincided with the soap’s 30th anniversary he says:

“What we’ve done this year, particularly with that week of live episodes, means that we should be getting some recognition. That was a big ask. And it was petrifying – we were all knackered by the end of it. You ask any other soap star about doing a live week and their bum will flap. Especially if you’ve never done theatre.

“Some people avoid live theatre at all costs because it takes a lot of nerve to do it. So for us to even attempt it is brave enough. But to pull it off in the way we did and get the nation gripped was beautiful. We’re still buzzing about it.”

And in a battle cry to rival soap Coronation Street, he adds: “We’ll have to see what Corrie come back with now. They’ll have to do a live month! And then we’ll do a live half a year! We’ll just keep trumping each other. Coronation Street deserved their victories last year, but it would be a travesty if EastEnders didn’t come away as winners in 2015.”

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