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EastEnders spoilers: will Ronnie Mitchell live or die?

As the life of Samantha Womack's character hangs in the balance, we look back at Ronnie's long history of tragedy

Published: Thursday, 1st January 2015 at 8:34 pm

We ought to know by now - Ronnie is never allowed to be happy. Especially where children are concerned. Yes, the perennially unlucky Mitchell sister is once again at the centre of heartbreaking drama tonight - her life hanging in the balance following a car crash.


Her wedding to Charlie Cotton went awry after her waters broke. But that wasn't the only drama: the vehicle in which she was travelling to hospital in then tipped over and smashed through the Square, thanks to the brake cables being severed by the villainous Nick Cotton.

Charlie and Roxy were also in the car at the time, but it was Ronnie who was most badly injured. An emergency Caesarean appears to have saved the life of her and Charlie's baby, but in the closing minutes of the episode, Ronnie flatlined and doctors looked set to call the time of death.

But amid the crying of her nearest and dearest (in fact, we haven't seen so many tears from Phil since Jamie died over Christmas 2002), Ronnie's heart monitor sprang back to life as a pulse was found.

So, Ronnie Mitchell lives - for the moment at least! But with a life in Walford already filled with so much tragedy, you have to wonder just how much more she can endure. If any reminder is needed, here's a look back at Ronnie's many past misfortunes.

2007 - She arrives with sister Roxy in a blaze of publicity as an Ibiza party girl thanks to this Coyote Ugly-style promo. But it wasn't to last...

2009 - Ronnie realises that Danielle Jones is actually her daughter, only for her to be hit by a car and die in her arms. While grieving for the daughter she wasn't allowed to raise, Ronnie becomes desperate to have another child. She gets pregnant by Owen Turner, but miscarries when Archie Mitchell pushes into the bar during a row.

January 2011 - Ronnie and Jack Branning have a baby boy that they name James. But he dies of sudden infant death syndrome and Ronnie ends up secretly swapping her child with Kat's newborn son Tommy.

July 2011 - Ronnie ends up in prison after admitting that she took Kat's son Tommy. At the sentencing, Kat tells Ronnie that she forgives Ronnie for what she's done.

2013 - after being released from prison, Ronnie wastes no time in tangling with gangster Carl White, who she ends up killing and feeding into a car crusher. Viewers could be forgiven for hoping that the same fate could have befallen Nick Cotton...


2014 - and now we have this: relive the moment when Ronnie's new year got off to a smashing start.


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