With everything happening in the real world right now, EastEnders is cutting back on the episodes we see each week. So, we'll only be visiting Albert Square twice a week for the foreseeable future. Which is quite fitting for an anniversary year, as that's how many episodes the show ran each week when it began in 1985. Here is what you can expect to see on the show next week.


There's more trouble for Ben

eastenders ben mitchell

Ben Mitchell has had many faces over the years on EastEnders but regardless of what he looks like, one thing remains constant – he just can’t stay out of trouble for long. He proves that point once again this week as a reckless decision sees him taken into police custody.

Callum, who himself is preparing to be part of the police force, gets wind from Ruby that Ben is at the club and heads over there – much to Ben’s concern.

Whilst Ben soon realises he is only trying to help him out, Danny, who Ben is meeting with, is not pleased to learn he is involved with the police and wastes no time in issuing a threat. Callum finds himself on the receiving end of an angry outburst from Ben, who ends up sharing a drink with a punter in the Prince Albert, Hugo. But when Ben later steals his car, it isn’t long before the police pull him over and place him under arrest.

Linda attempts an apology

EastEnders Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) reveals her plan to destroy Stuart

Joining a support group seems to be something that Linda really needed as she finds herself making real progress, but alarm bells are raised for Shirley and Tina when she heads out to pick Ollie up from school.

As it turns out they were right to be concerned as she has a run-in with Shelley while she is there. Linda does make an effort with her, attempting to offer an apology, but it doesn’t have the desired effect. Instead, she must listen as Shelley makes sure she hears some home truths.

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Later though, when Shelly arrives at The Vic and tells Isaac about Linda’s drinking, she must listen to some home truths of her own – which leaves Mick feeling extremely proud of his wife.

Elsewhere on the Square

eastenders ian beale

It’s been a rough time for Whitney of late, but this week she’ll learn whether things are going to even get worse for her as her bail hearing arrives. Will she be able to return home? Habiba gets her flirting game on with Jags, but all she has for her efforts is frustration when he appears to not even notice what she is doing. Meanwhile, Ian’s guilt risks consuming him when Sharon thanks him for all the support he has shown her, and Gray’s therapy card is discovered by Mitch which causes Chantelle to panic.


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