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EastEnders spoilers: Peter accuses Ian or Jane of killing Lucy Beale

But are either of them actually guilty? logo
Published: Wednesday, 18th February 2015 at 8:25 pm

Another night, another couple of suspects stand accused. A mere 24 hours after Abi Branning was confronted by Max, it's now looking increasingly likely that either Ian or Jane Beale killed Lucy.


With Peter's words of "Lucy was killed in this house - it was one of you", viewers across the country were left slack-jawed with astonishment as the culprit looked set to be a member of the Beale household.

But let's not forget that Cindy was home on that fateful evening too. And why was Jane so keen to get Bobby over to Masood's for the night? Could Jane be fearful rather than guilty?

In a tense 30-minute episode - again filled with live footage - Jane appeared to be having doubts about marrying Ian before actually deciding to tie the knot. Tanya returned for the big day, only for actress Jo Joyner to call Ian by the name "Adam" by mistake. Dot told Charlie that she'd done away with Nick. And Abi denied killing Lucy but admitted that she wished she had and disclosed that she'd fought with her on the night she died…Phew!

Those wanting answers are promised them in tomorrow's hour-long episode at 7.30pm and a special flashback instalment that will trace Lucy's final movements at 9.25pm.

You can watch the Tuesday night cliffhanger again below to judge for yourself as to who looked the most guilty out of Ian or Jane.

And visit our dedicated EastEnders page for all the latest news, gossip and spoilers.



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