Back to Walford for another visit to EastEnders in a week that sees the show try something different as Phil and Ben take on the big job, and Keegan drops a bombshell.


Here’s your spoilers for EastEnders between Monday 1st and Friday 5th June.

Lola's secret could be revealed

ben lola eastenders

Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) had only just begun to rest easy after Peter Beale Dayle Hudson) agreed to make sure the night they both shared together remains a secret from her boyfriend Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick)- something she was deeply concerned about when Jay and Peter started working together. What Lola did not realise was that Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) had grown suspicious of her and this week, when Ben upsets her and Jay confronts him, Ben learns that Lola had an abortion and blamed him for it. A furious Ben marches her out of the salon and she is forced to admit she slept with Peter- something that Ben has some choice words about. Will he tell Jay the truth?

Will the job end in disaster?

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Ben’s involvement in this and the previous story are both in the special episode that is being shown from a struggling Ben’s point of view as his hearing continues to fail him. Early in the episode, Ben's hearing causes him to narrowly avoid being hit by a car, and later it heavily impacts the planned job with his father, Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden).

When Ben, who has been frustrating Phil with his inability to hear, pulls out a gun he has purchased especially for the job, Phil decides enough is enough and tells him he is no longer involved. After his run-in with Lola, a drunk Ben spots Phil being followed and heads out after them. Only he soon finds himself in dire straights as he makes a shocking discovery and ends up with a gun pointed at his head. Is this the end of the road for Ben?

Karen gets a shock as she prepares to depart

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Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley) is all set to say her goodbyes to friends and family in Walford as she finishes her plans to move away- with baby Kayden. But Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) has recently spent some time with her son and Karen could not help but notice she seemed to be regretting the choice to give him up.

Karen later turns up to see Sharon and tell her it is not too late to say her goodbyes. After a chat with Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick), Sharon does eventually head over to see him, but will she be able to let him go? There is also a surprise coming for Karen when the troubled Keegan Baker (Zack Morris) asks if he can leave the square with her. But what does this mean for his marriage to Tiffany (Maisie Smith?)

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Elsewhere on EastEnders...

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  • Max Branning (Jake Wood) does not take kindly to spotting what he considers to be Ruby Allen (Louisa Lytton) and Martin Fowler (James Bye) flirting and it leads to him trying to prove himself at the club. But how will Ruby respond when he takes a hard stance on laughing gas?
  • Tiffany Butcher and Keegan are not in the best of places at the moment and she sets about trying to change that this week. But how will she feel when Keegan reveals he has asked to leave Walford with Karen?
  • Callum Highway (Tony Clay) knows that being in a relationship with Ben is never going to be easy and so he turns to someone who knows a thing or two about dating a Mitchell- Sharon. But when she advises that he needs to look the other way when dodgy things are going on, he ends up leaving the conversation feeling more frustrated than ever.

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