6 EastEnders spoilers for next week: Suki confesses her crime and Ben is in trouble

Lola makes a heartbreaking decision and Kat is nervous.

eastenders suki panesar kheerat panesar

Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal) takes a big risk when she tells Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton) the shocking truth about her son’s death in prison, but will her friend dob her in?


Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) panics when the police come calling, but is it him they’re after? Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) is forced to break up with Isaac Baptiste (Stevie Basaula) by his protective mum Sheree Trueman (Suzette Llewellyn) and Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) fears for her son’s future.

Here are all your EastEnders spoilers for 9th – 13th August 2021.

Suki confesses

eastenders suki panesar

Suki’s ice maiden act really has thawed of late, thanks to the enormous effort made by Honey who has gone out of her way to be a good friend to the mourning mum – conclusive proof that Hun is officially the nicest person in soap. Until this week, when the Minute Mart matriarch overhears Honey and Kim Fox (Tameka Empson) gossiping about her. Oops.

Self-loathing Suki is so upset about the comments being made she throws all of Jags’s belongings in the bin, incurring the wrath of her family, and Honey feels guilty when she figures out Mrs P must’ve caught her and Kim’s trash talk and tries to smooth things over. After clashing with Kheerat Panesar (Jaz Deol) who alludes to his mum having done something terrible, Suki admits the terrible truth to Honey – that Jags went to prison because she set him up, and it’s her fault he’s dead. What will Honey do with this shocking info?

Ben and Kheerat in trouble

eastenders ben mitchell callum highway kheerat panesar

As well as the bad blood between him and his manipulative mother, Kheerat has more reasons to be moody this week as he clashes with new business partner Ben. He’s never exactly the life and soul of the party, but would it kill Kheerat to crack a smile once in a while?

The blokes start bickering about how to run the Arches, particularly when Kheerat secures a deal without the mini-Mitchell’s input, leading Ben to throw his toys out the pram and threaten to pull out of the business. Eventually calming down, Ben later seeks out his colleague to apologise for losing his rag – just as a police car approaches… Which dodgy fella have the boys in blue come to see, and why?

Sheree forces Lola to dump Isaac

eastenders isaac baptiste lola pearce

As news of Isaac’s mental health crisis spreads around the community, some of the parents of the kids he teaches turn on him and spread online hatred demanding he be sacked. Sheree is understandably shaken at the uncaring attitude towards her son, and is given more reason to be rattled when she learns Lola has been visiting him in secret.

Wanting to protect her fragile offspring, Sheree firmly advises Lola to break up with Isaac as she fears holding down a relationship is too much for him to cope with. Lo is loathe at first, but after Sheree lays on the guilt trip she breaks the news in person it’s over – how will Isaac react? And what lengths will Sheree go to in order to keep the cursed lovers apart?

Kat’s crisis

eastenders kat moon tommy moon

Ever since Harry Redknapp commented on his ball skills, young Tommy Moon (Sonny Kendall) has been on the fast track to becoming a footie prodigy. Well, hopefully – he’s got to impress at the trial and make the team first, so let’s hope that’s just a formality.

Kat grows concerned about the amount of pressure on her young son to succeed, and also has to manage Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) and Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) sniping at each other about who’s going to take Tommy to his try-out (can those two just kiss and make-up, please?). She’s nervous as the day of the trial arrives, but is every inch the proud parent when Mr Redknapp shares a video of Tommy scoring a goal and it’s confirmed he’s got a place on the team. Next stop, Wembley…!

Elsewhere on EastEnders

eastenders vinny panesar ash panesar
  • Watch out for another tantalising tease about the Panesars’ absent father this week. Vinny Panesar (Shiv Jalota) and Ash Kaur (Gurlaine Kaur Garcha) are stunned to hear from their jailed parent, currently serving time for defending his family from a racist attack, so does this mean we might get to meet him at last? Isn’t it a bit strange he wasn’t allowed day release to attend his own son’s funeral? Maybe there’s a reason for that…
  • In other Panesar news (they’re certainly a busy bunch this week) Ash is a bag of nerves as she prepares for her assessment to become a qualified GP. Surely the authorities have forgotten about that suspension incident where her mum almost wrecked her career? Er, maybe not. The distressed doc realises she’s being treated with much more scrutiny than your average candidate because of her chequered professional past – could it end up wrecking her future in medicine?
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