It's set to be a rough week in Walford for EastEnders' favourite Whitney Dean again as she gets a big blast from the past - and it's not a good one.


But while she comes to terms with her latest horror, across the street Keegan Baker has a horrible time of it too, after a party goes wrong.

There's much more coming as well, so here's all your spoilers for Monday 13th April to Friday 17th April 2020.

Keegan gets arrested

EastEnders Keegan arrested
EastEnders' Keegan arrested

Poor Keegan has been having a tough time recently as he struggles with the law, which has been treating him unfairly. His latest drama comes as Vinny prepares to host his big party, which Dotty plans to cash in on. But when the party starts, things get out of hand very quickly and after one thing leads to another, a police car ends up with a brick thrown through its window. Innocent Keegan and Tiffany make haste and decide to escape before they're caught up with any of the drama, but it isn't long before Keegan is accused of being the one who launched the brick and he's taken away by the police.

Unfortunately, when he gets to the police station, he learns the evidence is stacked against him. And when Tiffany tries to get some help off Jack Branning, she is met with a wall of silence. With the situation growing more and more desperate, Tiffany drops a bombshell that could bring about the end of Keegany - oh no!

Whitney gets a blast from the past

EastEnders Whitney
EastEnders' Whitney

Without a doubt, Whitney had a terrible start to the year on EastEnders. Following her stint in prison for accidentally killing her stalker Leo, she has been trying to slowly get her life back on track. But a returning character looks set to halt all that progress she's made - it's Michaela, Leo's mum! Setting her sights on Whitney, Michaela is back and out for revenge. When she meets up with Whitney, Michaela lets loose and blames her entirely for what happened. It's down to Gray to diffuse the situation, who takes Whitney to the The Vic with Chantelle. Gray isn't happy with how Whitney behaved and takes it upon himself to berate her, but she is holding a bigger secret - she is convinced she will be sentenced to prison over Leo's murder.

Iqra has doubts about Ash

EastEnders Iqra Ash
EastEnders' Iqra and Ash

Following the drama at Vinny's party, Iqra is surprised to see a calculating side to Ash she hasn't seen before. Ash later makes a big move that leaves Iqra with doubts. Although Ash tries to explain herself, is this it for the Walford pair?

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