EastEnders spoilers: new romance for Billy Mitchell – first look pictures

But does mysterious stranger Tara have ulterior motives?

Unlucky-in-love Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) is to go on date with Tara  (Liz May Brice), a mysterious woman who comes to stay at the B&B for a few days. But is she just after his new-found money?


After a big win on the horses, Billy is certainly quick to flash the cash, catching Tara’s attention in the process. She keenly agrees to go on a date with him and Billy is thrilled at the prospect.


In Scarlett’s, the rendezvous goes well and Billy lavishes Tara with lobster and champagne. But a flustered Kim – who has been left babysitting Lexi – loses patience with her task and crashes the date. Clocking the expensive food order, Kim is soon calling Tara’s motives into question. Find out whether Billy is being duped when the episode airs on Tuesday 27 August.