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EastEnders spoilers: Lucy’s killer has to be in the Beale family, reckons Mimi Keene

So could Cindy herself be exposed as a murderer? logo
Published: Friday, 13th February 2015 at 6:34 pm

Actress Mimi Keene says that the killer of Lucy needs to be a member of the Beale family. “My suspicions lie within the Beale household,” she tells “At first I thought it was Peter and I’m still definitely leaning towards the Beales. It has to have some dark resonance to it, otherwise it would be pointless.”


The long-running murder mystery is set to be solved next week with EastEnders going live over its 30th anniversary to unmask the murderer. But does Keene’s character Cindy Jr have the potential to be a killer?

“You never know!” she admits. “Cindy doesn’t care what she does. She can be quite reckless. We know that when she turned up, she stole Phil Mitchell’s money. She got drunk while she was pregnant, which was so stupid. And she was pregnant at the time of Lucy’s death – maybe she was feeling a bit hormonal and thought, ‘I’m done with this girl’.”

In the run-up to the murder, Cindy was seen landing Lucy in trouble by telling Ian about her cocaine habit. And the consequences of that confrontation look set to be re-explored in a special flashback episode during the BBC1 soap’s birthday week that will chart previously unseen events from Lucy’s last night alive.

So what will Cindy be up to in the flashback as EastEnders rewinds the clock to Easter 2014? “Well, she says she was at home all evening with Bobby. She seems neutral, but you never know. That could be the writers’ way of making me think that it’s not me. Who knows what’ll happen? There are so many things up in the air.”

And if Cindy isn’t exposed as a killer – what are Keene’s hopes for the character in 2015? “I don’t want her to settle down or become boring. She’s fun. I do like that they’re setting up a thing with Liam – but I don’t want her to become obsessed with either him or her baby. I want her to have, that but still do crazy stuff. I want to carry on being naughty.”

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