EastEnders spoilers: Jane Beale is accused by Ian of killing Lucy

But has Jane acted alone? Or is she shielding someone else?

“I know you killed Lucy. Get everyone out of the house, I’m coming home.”


So said Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) just seconds before confronting wife Jane about the murder of his daughter. In the final seconds of tonight’s hour-long episode, Ian demanded that a guilty-looking Jane tell him exactly what happened on the night of Lucy’s death.

Viewers will now be eagerly awaiting the special flashback episode at 9.25pm that will hopefully reveal whether Jane was acting alone or had an accomplice in the crime that has kept EastEnders fans guessing since Easter 2014.

Speaking to RadioTimes.com back in November about the likelihood of her character being the killer, actress Laurie Brett said: “I was quite excited when I read the odds of Jane being the killer. I have no idea why she would do it, but if it is Jane then I can’t wait to see how it came to be her. At the stage of filming that we’re at, it could be any of us, really. So yes, it could be me.”

And the star was quick to reassure viewers that Jane’s guilt won’t necessarily result in her exit from the soap: “Even if Jane is the murderer, nobody has said that I can’t stay. I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere in the next year or two and I know there is quite a lot of stuff ahead.”

Watch the confrontation between Ian and Jane below: