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EastEnders spoilers: Charlie Brooks on Janine's trial: "She's used to getting away with things"

"She hasn’t even allowed herself to comprehend that she could be found guilty," adds the actress

Published: Monday, 10th March 2014 at 11:01 pm

It’s Crown v Butcher next week as Janine faces judgement for knifing Michael Moon last Halloween. But will Kat end up giving false evidence at the trial? And what will David say when he takes the witness stand? Actress Janine Brooks tells us what’s in store as Janine deals with the court’s verdict:


So, what is Janine’s state of mind as she stands trial for murder?
Her emotions are all over the place. Her main focus is getting out and seeing Scarlett again. Janine is tough, but she knows it will be hard having to watch people give evidence against her, especially her step-brother, David. She’s also intrigued about what Kat will do. She is probably also trying to work out how she can manipulate things - she is Janine after all! So she’s going through a lot!

Is there a reason given in the storyline for Alice not being there?
The judge informs everyone at the start of the trial that Alice won’t be present and will be represented by her barrister.

And does Alice’s absence make things easier on Janine?
Yes, because it makes it easier for Janine to go along with the lie. She can pretend it’s real and not have Alice’s presence reminding her of the truth.

So, is Janine quietly confident that she’ll get off? After all, she has struck a deal with Kat…
She doesn’t trust Kat so she isn’t relying on her completely. But she does recognise how much Kat loves Stacey, so she is quietly confident she will go ahead with the false statement. Janine would fight tooth and nail to stay out of prison and won’t even be able to consider the fact that she might be found guilty. She’s used to getting away with things…

Is Janine willing to keep her word and retract her statement about Stacey?
You never know with Janine! We know from her past behaviour that she’s not to be trusted but maybe prison has changed her. You’ll have to wait and see.

Given their history, does it frustrate Janine that she may have to help Stacey?
As helping Stacey is just a means to helping herself, I don’t think it’s giving her too much bother. She’s still looking out for number one.

Who else does Janine have to face in court?
Her step-brother, David. Which is tough because she did allow herself to grow close to him at Christmas and she let him take advantage of her and that’s how everything unravelled. He’s her family. He betrayed her and now she’s going to have to sit and watch him betray her all over again.

Do we see Janine’s testimony – and how does she play it?
Yes you will see Janine’s testimony but you’ll have to wait and see how she plays it… I will say that you can’t make assumptions about how Janine will act. She’s unpredictable to say the least!

How would Janine cope if she was to be found guilty?
Janine has always found a way of coping through the various situations she’s found herself in over the years, but it will really knock her for six is she’s found guilty. She hasn’t even allowed herself to comprehend that she could be found guilty.

What’s the first thing you’d expect her to do if she gets off?
She would go and try to rebuild the life she had built for her and Scarlett and then most likely cause some new mischief.

What outcome would you like for her?
I would like her to get away with it because I think deep down she is a good person and she did only kill Michael as self-defence after all.

Is it nice to be back in order to wrap up the story?
Definitely. It’s good to bring the storyline to a conclusion and I think the viewers will enjoy the ending. It’s definitely dramatic!

How has it been working with Lacey Turner again and closing that chapter in Stacey and Janine’s story?
Lacey’s a fantastic actress so it’s a real treat to get to work with her again. I don’t know if Stacey and Janine’s chapter will ever be closed as there is so much history between them. But yes, it’s an interesting turn of events in their story.

Is there a chance we’ll ever see Janine again one day?
Never say never. I’ve loved my time on the show and loved playing Janine so I’d hate to think that I might never get to play her again, but it’s time for a new challenge in my life.

Are you enjoying watching EastEnders at home and, if so, what storylines are you enjoying?
I’ve been travelling recently but have caught it when I can. I think Lindsey Coulson is an incredible actress and her cancer storyline has been gripping.


Who is your favourite character out of all the new arrivals?
I obviously haven’t really had the chance to work with any of them, but as a viewer I would have to say Mick Carter, as he has some similarities to Frank.


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