Sharon and Phil plot their final move against Ian in EastEnders

Is this the end of the road for Walford's most disliked?

sharon ian eastenders

It says a lot if you are the most hated person in Albert Square as there are many people in EastEnders that could vie for that title at one point or another. But right now that person is Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) and he has no idea how much trouble he is really in.


While he knows that somebody wants him dead, as does the whole of Walford after the events of this Christmas, he remains unaware that Sharon (Letitia Dean) is the one responsible for all his torment and she, along with Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden), want him taken out for good as revenge for what happened to Denny on the Thames in March last year.

It has been a slow build with a lot of back and forth from both Sharon and Phil, but will this week be the week that they finally go through with their killer plot?

As the week begins, it looks like Ian could be in luck as Sharon begin to doubt that she is doing the right thing. However, Phil is not so keen to let him get away with it and he reminds Sharon about what Denny must have felt when he died. He tells her he will get some poison that will finish Ian off quickly.

eastenders ian beale

Phil’s words have the desired effect and Sharon finds herself spurred on again to finish what she started. Telling Ian that she plans to cook him a special dinner and that it is time they finally consummated their marriage, she prepares the meal while an oblivious Ian sits and waits.

Will Sharon go through with the plot? or will Ian find a way to wriggle out of yet another deadly situation?

Either way, with Adam Woodyatt about to go on an extended break from the soap, we suspect that the week will not end well for Mr Beale. But as for how he leaves Walford, that remains to be seen.


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