EastEnders: Sam to abandon her son? She wonders if Richard is better off with Jack, says Danniella Westbrook

Sam's return creates high drama at Peggy's funeral in this week's episodes


Sam Mitchell looks set to make waves in Albert Square this week when she reveals that she wants to go back to Portugal – without her son Richard.


Sam is back in town for Peggy’s funeral, but also finds time to tell Roxy that she’s struggling with being a single mum. But will she really end up leaving her boy in the care of his dad Jack? Actress Danniella Westbrook reveals more about this and what it was like making a comeback on EastEnders…

What was it like stepping on to the Square again?
It was like I’d never left! All those years fell away. It was surreal, but I loved every second.

Has much changed?
We’ve all got older and wiser, but it was just lovely seeing people again and I slipped straight into my Sam heels again in no time. It was great to catch up with some of the old faces and to meet the new ones as well.

Did you have fun filming scenes in the Vic again?
I had a blast being back in the Vic for such a big occasion and filming with such a big group of cast, it’s like being welcomed back into the family again.

How do you think Sam reacted when she heard the news about her Mum dying?
Sam and Peggy had a turbulent relationship but they loved each other, there is no doubt about that. So the news that Peggy had died really hit Sam hard.

What made Sam decide to come home after all this time?
As much as she didn’t relish the idea of going back to the the Square, she knew she had to be there for the funeral no matter what. But her return isn’t going to go unnoticed – she has a few runs in’s to say the least… And she’s making sure her son Richard doesn’t go unnoticed – especially by Jack!

Yes, how does Sam feel about seeing Jack again?
There are a lot of resentments that have been harboured for a long time that end up coming to the surface.

Is she worried about Jack meeting Richard?
I think Sam has found being a single mum difficult and maybe seeing Jack being interested in Richard has made her think things could be different for her. She possibly made a mistake by not letting them have a relationship. And she does agree that Jack can meet Richard properly, which leaves her wondering if Richard is better off with his dad…

What can you tell us about Sharon and Sam – how is their relationship?
Sharon and Sam are the ones to watch. Sam has strutted back in and seen that Sharon is head of the house and making all the decisions and this riles her. She will want to bring her down a peg or too and remind her who the real Mitchell is. I love working with Letitia Dean and the public will love the twists and turns of the Sam and Sharon Show!

How does Sam handle the funeral?
I think Sam is surprised at how she reacts at the funeral. She sees herself as this really strong person but the reality hits her hard and she does her usual Sam things and starts getting feisty and acting like she doesn’t care about anything.

Does she go back to Portugal and leave Richard behind?
Well that’s what viewers will have to wait and see! Sam’s eyes are opened and she sees a different path – that’s all I can say…

You can watch a 60-second rundown of this week’s drama on EastEnders below.


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