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Why does EastEnders' Phil Mitchell want to buy back The Queen Vic after turbulent history?

So many bad memories...

Phil Mitchell lit match
Published: Tuesday, 12th May 2020 at 8:00 pm

Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) is making himself very busy trying to get his hands on some extra readies as he prepares to buy The Queen Vic back off Mick (Danny Dyer) and Linda Carter (Kellie Bright). But whilst his son Ben is battling with hearing loss it's Phil who seems to be suffering from complete amnesia when it comes to the pub that he once burned to the ground in EastEnders.


In the Tuesday 12th May episode Phil and Ben (Max Bowden) sat down to go over the details of the warehouse job first brought to his attention by Danny Hardcastle (Paul Usher). As a bonding exercise with Ben it has its merits and if there's a stash on cash on his manor why shouldn't Phil wet his whistle? But for recovering alcoholic and narcotics addict Phil is The Vic really the answer to his and Sharon's problems?

Who can ever forget the epic meltdown in 2010 when Phil torched The Vic in front of his mum Peggy (Barbara Windsor) as he screamed at her: "The truth is you love this place more than you love me. Go on admit it. Ad. Mit. It!"

Phil and Peggy did eventually make their peace over what he'd done. In fact she signed the pub back over to him deciding she wanted to put as much space as possible between her and the old boozer (that's The Vic, not Phil) as possible. He then rented it to Kat and Alfie before selling it to Mick and Linda.

Phil and Kathy EastEnders

For Sharon (Letitia Dean) and Phil though there are other memories that are every bit as painful. That night in October 1994 in particular when betrayed brother Grant (Ross Kemp) wrecked Phil and Kathy's engagement party by playing the cassette of Sharon discussing her affair with Phil to Michelle Fowler (Susan Tully). That's right up there with Sharon and Keanu. 

Anyway maybe it will all come to nothing. Phil and Ben's proposed heist ran into trouble when they failed to get any information out of Callum (Tony Clay). Subtle as a brick Ben insisted he was only thinking out loud as he fished for any details about the big outfit involved with the warehouse job.

Ben and Callum EastEnders

Whilst Ben prepared for his operation Halfway stormed out disgusted. "Follow your dreams, you said," shouted Callum. "And now we know why." Just another day in the life of the Mitchells or a portent of nightmares to come?


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