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EastEnders: Martin and Kush have a huge fight - has the truth about baby Arthur been revealed?

The two friends get hostile in an upcoming episode

Published: Saturday, 6th February 2016 at 11:01 pm

Martin Fowler (James Bye) and Kush Kazemi (Davood Ghadami) are to come to blows after plans for an evening out backfire.


The showdown comes after Kush grows worried about Martin's stress levels following Stacey's sectioning and suggests that the two of them have a night on the town.

But Martin is soon despairing when he realises that - while he was out with Kush - the hospital rang offering Stacey and young Arthur space at a mother-and-baby unit, but that the place has now gone.

And when Marin realises that the reason why didn't have his phone on him was because Kush secretly left it behind, his anger builds...


Kush is quick to state that he wanted his friend to have a night off from worrying, but Martin ends up losing his temper and the two of them have a huge fight.

With a big secret lying at the heart of the pair's friendship - namely that Kush is really the father of the baby that Martin believes is his own - is the truth about to finally come out?

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