Poor Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) on EastEnders had probably the worst proposal any character has ever had.


Since finding out his girlfriend, Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) was pregnant with their first child together, he was overcome with emotion and keen to make their love grow.

Although Lola didn't want to actually have her baby, Jay thought a proposal would probably sweeten the deal.

Immediately, he set about practicing his proposal and decided to get little Lexi involved as well.

Lola arrived home and was delighted to see a romantic meal ready for her, complete with her daughter's excited face ready for the big reveal.

However, things went wrong when Lola revealed she didn't want to marry Jay, fearing the timing wasn't right.

A big argument erupted and Jay stormed out of the house telling his lover to forget about him.

Lola took to drowning her sorrows over the split and headed to the Prince Albert - where her ex, Peter Beale (Dayle Hudson) popped up.

After knocking back a good few vodkas, Lola and Peter undeniably got closer and by the end of the episode, they were passionately kissing in the back alley.

The move is not entirely out of the blue, as spotted by RadioTimes.com earlier in the year.

But it's sure to upset some fans as many are big fans of the couple.

Will Lola choose to dump Jay for good? Or will she continue to kiss Peter leading to a split forever?

Jay won't be the only proposal this week, as Stuart overheard his plans and decided to take things to the next step with Rainie.

Will he have more luck?


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