EastEnders: Kirsty’s bad boy ex-partner Carl White arrives in Albert Square

Actor Daniel Coonan will appear on screen from June

Just as Kirsty (Kierston Wareing) is starting to feel as though she’s finally being accepted as Mrs Branning, a face from her past looks set to turn her world upside down.


Carl White (Daniel Coonan) is Kirsty’s ex who has spent the past few years at Her Majesty’s pleasure. While inside, Carl shared a cell with Derek Branning and the two men became close friends. But when Carl leaves prison and tries to make contact with Kirsty (who is now married to Derek’s brother Max), she ignores all his attempts.

However, Carl is a determined man and heads to Walford this June to track Kirsty down and retrieve money that he believes is rightfully his. Once in E20, he makes his demands clear: he wants Kirsty back.

Daniel Coonan, whose previous credits include Silent Witness, and Dancing on the Edge, today commented: “EastEnders has been a part of my life since I was 12 years old, I even remember talking about the storylines in school playgrounds in Tottenham and I am very happy and proud to now be a small part of its life.”


Lorraine Newman, executive producer, added: “It’s wonderful to have Daniel Coonan joining us in Walford to play Carl White. Oozing confidence and with a dangerous edge, will Kirsty be able to resist his bad boy charms for long or can Max save her from the lure of the dark side?”