EastEnders: Kim wants to adopt Denise’s baby!

But will Phil find out about what's going on?


Denise’s pregnancy is getting increasingly complicated on EastEnders, with Kim now suggesting that she and Vincent adopt the baby.


With Denise having already revealed that she wanted to put her newborn up for adoption after confiding in Patrick that she felt the baby deserved better than what she had to offer, the last thing she was expecting was for Kim to step in with an offer.

“You always do right by your family, so now I want to do right by you,” said Kim at the close of tonight’s episode of the BBC1 soap.

After telling Denise not to rush into a decision that she’d regret, Kim then assured her sister that her child would always be waiting over the road. All of which left Denise with plenty to think about between now and next Monday’s episode.

Of course, the key fact that Denise has so failed to share with her nearest and dearest is that her baby’s father just happens to be Phil Mitchell. So if he finds out about the Fox family’s adoption plans and the child’s true paternity, what’s the betting that the whole plan ends up being jeopardised anyway!?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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