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EastEnders' Keegan Baker in trouble as the police turn on him

Keegan and the police continue to not see eye-to-eye

eastenders keegan arrested
Published: Tuesday, 14th April 2020 at 8:00 pm

Keegan's problems with the law show no signs of stopping with the problem instead getting much worse on EastEnders.


Last night's episode (13th April) saw him involved as an Albert Square party held by Vinny got out of control.

As the police arrived on the scene, a brick was hurled and Keegan found himself as the number one suspect.

A push from behind sent him into a policeman and he was accused of resisting arrest - getting a black eye in the process.

Tonight (14th April), it quickly became apparent that his problems were far from over as he found his versions of events did not match up with the arresting officers.

A distraught Tiffany got Jack straight on the case who hears from his colleague what happened - Keegan threw a brick, resisted arrest and then lunged towards him which prompted his arrest and injury.

While stating that it doesn't sound like something Keegan would do, he was swayed by the bodycam footage that is at an angle so as not to show that he was pushed.

Conveniently, the only camera that could have proved his innocence was damaged and Keegan made it clear that he believes he was set up because of his race.


When he explained this to Jack though, he was disappointed that his own family member didn't seem to accept his versions of events. Will Jack end up believing him?

While Keegan eventually secured a release on bail, he may have wished he stayed in his cell when he was greeted by the news that due to Tiffany ignoring letters, they have been locked out of their home and have two weeks to call the council to collect their belongings.

How will they figure out this latest problem? And can Keegan prove his innocence and avoid a jail sentence?

Elsewhere, we got a hint of who may end up buying The Queen Vic as Phil seemed to take great interest in Shirley's suggestion that he buy the pub from the Carter family for Sharon. Could the pub end up back in Mitchell hands?


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