EastEnders: Josh kisses Lauren after revealing surprise news

What choice will Lauren make?


City boy Josh has made his move on Lauren in tonight’s EastEnders – but will she decide to do the dirty on current boyfriend Steven?


This evening’s events saw Lauren attend her job interview, only to be thrown a curveball when it turned out that admirer Josh was actually overseeing proceedings. 

After recovering her composure, Lauren was eventually able to put on a good performance, but ended up slapping Josh outside the office building for lying to her about his job.

Josh was then seen leaning in for a kiss, which Lauren initially reciprocated before storming off. Later on, Josh persisted in his mission to win Lauren over by sending her a text that said she felt the same way as him.

With Lauren now feeling trapped between two men, viewers will have to wait and see which path she decides to pursue.

What she doesn’t know, of course, is that Steven has plans of his own: going against Lauren’s wish to not have any more children, he’s recently decided to put holes in his condoms. So will a pregnancy shock end up forcing Lauren’s hand?

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