Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) has been bravely battling ovarian cancer, but getting the all-clear on her latest scan is bittersweet as she's been caring for terminal lover Daniel Cook (Adrian Edmondson) during her illness.


Next week, EastEnders lines up more drama for Jean as she gets closer to exposing the truth about sly Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal), who is lying about having cancer to manipulate her family.

On Monday 2nd March, Jean quizzes new neighbour Suki, who claims to have the condition, about her doctor and the mean matriarch's deception almost unravels there and then as her story starts to collapse.

Thinking on her feet, calculating Suki manages to just about cover her tracks, but it's not quite enough to put suspicious Jean off the scent and by Tuesday 3rd March, Mrs Slater is on a mission to discover what's really going on with her friend's 'treatment'.

Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) then wonders why Jean is so preoccupied with the Albert Square newcomer, and starts finding flaws in Suki's story. However, when she confronts Jean on Thursday 5th March, an argument ensues and the bolshy blonde is forced to backtrack and apologise for upsetting her.

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The incident makes Shirl worry that troubled Jean is not taking her medication, but doesn't realise she's close to rumbling Suki's sick claims that she's not actually sick.

Suki has convinced her warring kids she is having treatment, but viewers are aware she has made it up to gain sympathy, particularly from estranged daughter Ash. Since meeting Jean, shameless Suki has been subtly grilling her for tips to make her story more convincing, while managing to avoid revealing any specifics.

“Suki is very controlling, very manipulative and wants her way a lot of the time,” Sopal said when she joined the cast earlier this year. “She is the sort of person that puts an idea into your head and lets the seed grow, as if you came up with it.”

With Jean having been through so much already these past few months, will Suki develop a conscience and come clean she's been fibbing to a genuine patient's face? Unlikely…


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