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EastEnders’ Jack Branning to lose his job as Keegan makes a rash move?

Distrust of the police after stop and search tactics takes its toll

Keegan Jack Tiff EastEnders
Published: Wednesday, 13th May 2020 at 6:12 pm

"I want everyone to see this and everyone to share it too. So if it disappears or gets corrupted it's still out there." So said Keegan (Zack Morris) in EastEnders as he ignored Jack Branning's advice and posted the new witness footage given to him confidentially by Tiffany's uncle. A sensible back-up plan or a paranoid play that could cost Jack his job and jeopardise Keegan's case?


Jack (Scott Maslen) knows which he thinks it is as he tells the headstrong lad off for going against his wishes after he stressed to keep it between the three of them. Stuck in the middle Tiffany (Maisie Smith) tries to make Keegan see how he may have messed things up but not for the first time her husband points out that she's coming at it from a much more privileged position.

As Jack also clashes next week with truth-teller Vinny over the video, Keegan feels he's vindicated by the online response he gets from his subscribers as it goes viral. He gloats to mum and dad Karen (Lorraine Stanley) and Mitch (Roger Griffiths) and feels empowered for the first time since his wrongful arrest.

Keegan Butcher-Baker EastEnders

It's a tricky situation for all concerned. Keegan feels he is right to take matters into his own hands, Jack feels guilty that he didn't believe Keegan in the first place but is worried that the evidence has not been properly processed at work. And Tiff worries how to keep the peace between the man she loves and the relative who has been there for her when she most needed it.

There are no easy answers ahead.


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