EastEnders: is Woody secretly working with Max?

Is there more to Woody's behaviour than meets the eye?


Is new Queen Vic bar manager Woody Woodward in cahoots with Max Branning? Maybe we’re being paranoid here, but with Shirley having now sold the freehold to the Queen Vic in tonight’s episode of EastEnders, you have to start looking at who was advising her to do the deal.


When the prospect of being leaseholders was raised, who was the quickest to back the plan? Woody. And when Whitney made a surreptitious call to Mick to warn him about what was happening, who caught her in the act and gave her a dressing down? Woody. “It’s really none of our business,” he chastised – but might all this be very much his business?

After all, we don’t know all that much about Woody, except for the fact that he was sent by Linda to keep an eye on the boozer in Mick’s absence. And who’s to say that he’s not some kind of double agent, looking to feather his own bed while ingratiating himself on the Carters? Because – let’s face it – Max has been getting away with the same thing for months now and he too looks the picture of innocence.

Perhaps there’s a cliffhanger to come in which Woody and Max are revealed to be working towards the same end? Whichever way this plotline goes, we’re definitely going to be keeping a close eye on Woody’s behaviour from here on in…

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