EastEnders: is Ian Beale going to prison? “As long as the bed’s comfy, I don’t mind,” says Adam Woodyatt

Could Ian end up behind bars now that the truth about Bobby has come out?


Is Ian Beale about to go to jail for perverting the course of justice? With killer son Bobby having now confessed to doing away with half sister Lucy, it can surely only be a matter of time before investigating officers realise that Ian has spent a year covering up the crime. And what’s more he’s let the entirely innocent Max Branning languish in prison since last October!


Well, as it turns out, actor Adam Woodyatt wouldn’t be averse to seeing his character get banged up for a while: “We’ve built every other set, so why not a prison? As long as the bed’s comfy, I don’t mind. I could have a kip. That’d do me,” he told RadioTimes.com on the red carpet at the British Soap Awards.

And with new executive producer Sean O’Connor set to replace exiting head honcho Dominic Treadwell-Collins, it seems that a stretch inside might not be beyond the realms of possibility. “We’ve got a new boss, so anything could happen,” Woodyatt added.

Recent episodes of the BBC1 soap have also seen Steven Beale make his return to Albert Square following Bobby’s latest attack on Jane.

With Steven’s last stint in Walford having seen him shoot Jane, almost smother Pat and threaten to kill Ian, surely there’s more drama coming up for the permanently beleaguered Beales?

Commenting on what lies ahead for his on-screen family, Woodyatt noted: “It’s going to be very interesting. It’s nice having Aaron Sidwell back. He’s not been on the show since 2008. He’s been away learning his craft. He’s a good lad.” 

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