Gray had a close call in EastEnders, but will the truth about Tina come out?

Is Gray's downfall closer than we think?

gray chelsea eastenders

One thing you can count on with an EastEnders villain is that sooner or later they will get their comeuppance. We got the first sign that could be on the way for Gray Atkins (Toby-Alexander Smith) in tonight’s episode.


Gray has been growing closer to Chelsea Fox (Zaraah Abrahams) in recent weeks and the two continued to spend time together tonight, but Chelsea made a shocking discovery in Gray’s car – only she does not know quite how significant a find it was.

Chelsea had persuaded Gray to take the day off work and she was on the hunt for a dress for her appearance in court – only the dresses she was looking at were clearly stolen, which did put Gray on edge. But Chelsea knows how to talk him round, and soon the pair were in the back of the car together, which is where she found an earring that belonged to the murdered Tina Carter.

When the police arrived, Gray was already on edge and seeing Tina’s earring in Chelsea’s hand seriously rattled him. Until now there was nothing linking him to her disappearance, and as far as the residents of Walford know, she has merely done a runner.

But before Gray could really deal with that problem, he had to take a breathalyser test after alcohol was spotted in the car. Despite being let off with a warning, he was in no mood to entertain Chelsea when they got back to Albert Square and things soon took a dramatic turn.

Despite Chelsea having a tag and being under curfew, Gray had no qualms about throwing her out onto the street. Despite her cries to be let in, he refused and she was soon hauled off by the police while he used the alone time to get rid of Tina’s earring once and for all.

But will that be enough to keep him out of trouble now that Chelsea has seen it, and could this be the start of Gray’s highly anticipated downfall? We suspect this story may be about to shift up a gear…


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