Feisty Donna Yates is leave Vincent Hubbard slack jawed with surprise when she asks him to be the father of her baby in an upcoming episode of EastEnders.


"Vincent is shocked!" says actress Lisa Hammond. "He knew Donna wanted a child and was seriously looking into how to make it happen. So it wasn’t a complete surprise that she wanted a baby. But what was a surprise is that she’s asked him. He was never expecting it."

And what is it that has made her decide to ask Vincent for a baby? "She looks around her at the men in her life and sees how Vincent is with Pearl, regardless of the other things he might do, and she thinks that she will have a good chance of getting him to be there for her.

"He's always giving her what she wants and looking out for her and always tries to support her in what she needs, whether it’s financial or anything else. She loves the way he is with his daughter."


Viewers will initially see Donna left disappointed when Vincent turns her down. But following Donna's heartfelt plea, Vincent does agree to talk to wife Kim about the proposition. But how will Kim react when she finds out what Donna has asked for?

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"Donna knows knows Kim isn’t going to react well," admits Hammond. "Donna and Kim are not the best of friends anyway and Kim is very protective of her family. Donna tries to play it gently with Kim, but then loses it a bit. Kim thinks it’s a ridiculous suggestion. She is thinking of the logistics and realises it would also mean Kim being forced to have a relationship with Donna!"

So will Vincent end up agreeing to Donna's request? You can find out when EastEnders broadcasts these scenes from Monday 6 June.

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week's episodes of EastEnders below.


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