EastEnders's beloved pet dog Lady Di may have survived the ceiling collapse at the Queen Vic - but it seems that she's not out of danger just yet.


The climax of tonight's episode of the BBC1 soap saw the Carters told that the bulldog has pneumonia and that treatment is not covered by their insurance policy.

Shirley was left on the verge of tears that medical help at a specialist unit would cost between £6-8,000 - money that the family just doesn't have.


With the treatment vital in order to ensure Lady Di's survival, it looks like the Carters will be forced to go to desperate lengths to find the cash they need.

Tomorrow's visit to Albert Square finds the Carters receiving more bad news when they reach their overdraft limit and are unable to order stock for the Vic. Johnny later reveals that he's going to his student loan to pay off the bank debt.

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Next week's episodes will then see Shirley find herself in an unthinkable situation after discussing her options with Woody.

Her nearest and dearest are then left shocked by Shirley's solution to their money problems - but can they get her to change her mind about her surprise plan?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week's episodes of EastEnders below.

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