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EastEnders' offers hope for Callum and Ben - but can they make it work?

Callum appeared to soften his stance tonight

Published: Tuesday, 24th March 2020 at 8:00 pm

It will never be easy being in a relationship with Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden).


The EastEnders favourite has had more problems than he has had faces (and that's saying something) and this week, he seems to be on the verge of losing control altogether. But what about his relationship with Callum Highway (Tony Clay)?

Ben has been spiralling out of control for some time now and last night, viewers saw him not only share cosy drinks with another man but then steal that man's car and end up getting arrested for it.

It was certainly a busy night for him and unfortunately, it didn't take long for news of his arrest to reach the Square.

Ben ended up being collected from the station by Jack Branning, while Kathy broke the news that not only was Ben arrested, but he was spotted with another man beforehand.

It wasn't a warm welcome home for Ben as we saw Jack tear into him about his behaviour, and he didn't hold back either, making it clear that he needs to sort himself out immediately.

To rub salt in the wound, Jack then spotted Callum and advised him that if he wants to be a policeman, then Ben really isn't the best person to have as a boyfriend - something Callum clearly took to heart as he made his way inside to speak to him.

As Callum walked inside and saw Ben, we were given a really powerful scene of Ben breaking down in tears as Callum told him he couldn't be with him any more.

eastenders ben mitchell

All the while Ben is dealing with this, he is continuing to experience problems with his hearing that only added to his frustration, causing him to cry hysterically while taking his anger out on the kitchen side.

But, this does spark the caring side of Callum who consoles him with a hug. As this isn't what someone would normally do having just ended a relationship, has Ben's emotional apology caused him to have second thoughts? Could there be hope for Ben and Callum yet?


Don't forget that EastEnders is only airing twice a week at the moment due to production being suspended by the recent global health crisis. So we won't be back in Albert Square again until next Monday.

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