Chantelle discovers she’s pregnant with abusive husband Gray’s child on EastEnders

The shock discovery will have big repercussions for Chantelle

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Chantelle Atkins has discovered she’s pregnant mere hours after enduring another beating from her abusive husband in EastEnders.


Sinister lawyer Gray lashed out again after discovering that Chantelle had used money from their joint account. Pinning her up against the fridge, a deranged Gray went on to lambast Chantelle’s family before punching her in the stomach, an act that left her curled up in pain on the floor.

Later on, a manipulative Gray appeared contrite and pleaded with Chantelle to take him back, which she reluctantly did while fighting back tears. Their conversation also gave viewers some fresh insight into their marriage, with Chantelle revealing that Gray had, in the past, promised and then failed to seek help.

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However, an unexpected plot development was to come in the episode’s final scene when Chantelle – now alone and holding a pregnancy test kit – realised that she is expecting Gray’s baby.

EastEnders isn’t yet revealing what Chantelle does next, but fans can expect Gray’s temper to boil over again later in the week. So will he end up putting both his wife and his unborn baby’s life at risk thanks to his rage? Speaking recently, show boss Kate Oates promised that there’s lots more to come where this emotive storyline is concerned:

“Chantelle and Gray’s domestic abuse story has built quite gently, but as it continues we’ll be pushing it. We’ve deliberately built this public perception of who Gray is and the kind of marriage they have. There’s great stuff coming up.”

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