EastEnders reveal first look at the moment tragedy strikes on boat party

Someone won't make it out of the 35th anniversary week alive...

EastEnders boat party first look

EastEnders has revealed first-look images from the moment events take a dramatic turn on the Queen Vic boat party.


A storyline across the soap’s 35th anniversary week will see the residents of Albert Square board the board to celebrate the Vic being named best pub in London, only for tragedy to strike…

In new pictures, the Vic’s party gets underway but events take a dramatic turn when the Captain breaks the news there’s been an incident on board. As everyone struggles to comprehend what’s happened, chaos quickly ensues and one person won’t make it through the night…

EastEnders boat party first look

EastEnders has confirmed that a major character will be killed off during the anniversary week, with Danny Dyer (Mick Carter) telling RadioTimes.com that the person who perishes was “a real shock” to cast and crew.

“It’s really powerful stuff, and we’re trying to get a message across, and sometimes when you do that, you’ve really got to go full throttle with it.”

Speaking previously about the surprise death, Ben Mitchell actor Max Bowden said: “It could be any of us! The great thing about the 35th is that literally everybody in EastEnders is involved.

“So many stories interlink, our producers Kate Oates and Jon Sen have done that really well and brought everything together to make a real pinnacle moment.”

The EastEnders anniversary week kicks off on Monday 17th February on BBC One.


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