EastEnders’ Max Bowden wants Ballum back together

The EastEnders star hopes Ben and Callum will reconcile following their break-up

Callum and Ben East Enders

Heartbroken after Ben broke up with Callum in EastEnders? Yeah, us too. It’s looking like it will be lonely this Christmas for the former couple…


Luckily, that doesn’t mean #Ballum is over for good. At least that’s what actor Max Bowden, who plays Ben Mitchell on the soap, is hoping.

Ben told Callum he didn’t love him, but really it was all a ploy to protect Callum from the Mitchells’ dark and dangerous world. Now that Callum’s on his way to becoming a copper, Ben doesn’t want to expose him to his gangster family any longer.

Head of Continuing Drama Kate Oates said “Ben wants to be accepted as a proper Mitchell son and he has made this sacrifice to break up with Callum to protect him from this dark world – he’s too good for that.”

When speaking about the couple’s future, Bowden said: “The most fundamental thing in Ben’s life is to get to that level playing field with Phil and be accepted. Ben can’t go straight and stop doing dodgy things, it’s in his nature – as much as he may try, it’s embedded. It’s about acceptance of who he is. I’d like to see him and Callum get back together – we’ll have to wait to see.”

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Though a #Ballum reconciliation could be on the cards, Ben will likely have a lot going on on Christmas Day, when things always reach boiling point in Walford.

Finding out who Sharon’s baby daddy is will likely keep the Mitchells preoccupied, but that doesn’t mean Callum is ready to give up on his love. As Oates points out: “It’s also whether Callum will give up – Ben’s not the only player in this. There’s a lot to look out for with Ballum.”


Here’s hoping.

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