She may have left Albert Square as a pariah, but don't think we've seen the last of evil Babe Smith (Annette Badland).

Duplicitous Babe made her exit in scenes just broadcast on BBC1 with a warning that Shirley should keep watching her back. And it seems that Babe will be a woman of her word.

"Aunt Babe will be back at some point and the Carters should definitely keep looking over their shoulders," a show insider told "After all, Cora knows that Babe has a big secret and the viewers still have to discover what that is."

Babe's history is currently shrouded in mystery, but fans know that she and Sylvie Carter are both keeping silent about a long-standing secret that also involves Heather Trott's mum Queenie.

Does their pact have something to do with the circumstances surrounding Shirley giving birth to Mick in Ramsgate? And is this the subterfuge to which Cora was alluding?

No doubt all the cover-ups will be exposed eventually, especially if Babe is feeling vengeful. And having a trifle plonked over your head before being kicked out by your nearest and dearest isn't going to leave Babe feeling particularly kind hearted.

"Let's see how you all get on next time you're in trouble. Where's Aunt Babe? We need her. Too bad. Aunt Babe's gone," she seethed tonight. But it's good to know that she'll be back scheming soon.

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