With EastEnders's Louise Mitchell currently facing flak from her so-called schoolmates, isn't it about time that her mum Lisa turned up to provide support in her hour of need? Actress Lisa Benjamin hasn't been seen on the BBC1 soap since 2010, but we think it's high time she made a return. Here are five reasons why!

1. Louise needs her

Poor Louise is currently suffering - hoodwinked by Madison and Alexandra, a possible STD contracted from Keegan...it's really not looking good. Sonia made a guest appearance when Bex was at her lowest ebb, so why hasn't Lisa shown up to rescue Louise? She needs to resurface to prove what a good mum she can be.

2. Phil would be surrounded by a harem

With Steve McFadden set to return imminently, it would be a joy to see Phil surrounded by all his major love interests: Sharon, Kathy, Shirley and now...Lisa! And just imagine the rivalry between Sharon and Lisa should they start warring over his affections.


3. It would bolster the Fowlers

Lisa's reappearance would also add strength to the Fowler clan, who have recently been given a boost in numbers thanks to the recast of Michelle, as well as Stacey marrying Martin. As far as we know, Lisa has kept her Fowler surname - so why not strengthen the family further by reintroducing her?

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4. She could be an antagonist for Carmel

Carmel has kind of become a character in search of a storyline, but with Lisa back, all that could be solved. Market Wars! The old guard versus the new guard! A fight to the death with money pouches and nylon-rich blouses. It would make for unmissable TV.


5. She's a dangerous femme fatale

And let's not forget that Lisa was the culprit in one of the most famous EastEnders whodunnits of all time - Who Shot Phil? Her being back on the Square would be the equivalent of writing in a loaded gun. You'd just be waiting for her to go off again. And beware anyone who gets in her way. Keegan - consider yourself warned!

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