Coronation Street’s Yasmeen to face big decision as Geoff drops charges

Will she allow him to get the upper hand?

yasmeen coronation street

Currently away from the cobbles of Coronation Street and behind bars for the attack on Geoff Metcalfe (Ian Bartholemew), Yasmeen Nazir (Shelley King) soon finds that there is no escaping Geoff’s abuse- even while she is locked away in prison.


The latest twist in Geoff’s evil ways comes as he begins to realise those around him, including Sally (Sally Dynevor), are starting to grow suspicious of him. This comes to a head in upcoming scenes when Sally and Geoff have a war of words that escalates as Tim (Joe Duttine) walks in- catching a glimpse of the abusive man Yasmeen has claimed him to be.

Turning to his manipulative ways, he knows that his best chance of getting away with it is to focus his attention back to Yasmeen- hoping that he can get his claws back into her so that she does not take the stand against him.

geoff yasmeen call coronation street

Knowing that Alya (Sair Khan) is due to have a call with her gran, he uses it to his advantage and is able to steal her phone just before it starts. So when Yasmeen expects to hear her caring granddaughter on the end of the line, she is horrified to hear Geoff’s sinister and familiar tones speaking back to her instead.

But Geoff says the last thing she expects to hear- he forgives her for what she did and wants her back. To prove this, he also plans to talk to the police and drop the charges so that they no longer have it hanging over their heads. He goes on to do just that but is told that retracting his statement does not automatically mean Yasmeen will be set free. With her already awaiting trial, the charges being dropped may be out of his hands.

As for Yasmeen, it becomes clear to Alya that Geoff’s hold on her is still strong when his words cause her to rethink her stance. She begins to wonder whether his promise of a fresh start could be true and, following another secret call with him in which he promises things will be different, she makes a decision. Is Yasmeen going to let the abusive Geoff back into her life?

Another twist in the tale is on the way as Paula Wilcox joins Coronation Street in the guest role of Elaine, a former partner of Geoff who could prove invaluable to those who want to bring him down.


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