Why isn’t Coronation Street on tonight? When is it next being shown?

Full details of when you can next catch Corrie - and what drama lies ahead


Coronation Street is once again being moved in the schedules, thanks to the Iran v Spain World Cup football match being shown from 6.30pm tonight. The ITV soap will now move to Thursday evening, with an hour-long episode airing at 8.00pm.


Tomorrow’s drama will see a nervous Craig going out on his date with Kayla, only for her to start quizzing him about his past with Bethany. Might she have an ulterior motive for her questioning?

Elsewhere, how will Adam react when Eva explains how she wanted to tell him about her pregnancy, but that it was never the right time?


Meanwhile, Johnny – having consulted a lawyer – reveals that he’s applying for a Child Arrangement Order. Jenny’s horrified to hear that Johnny is seeking custody of Susie and urges him to reconsider, pointing out that a baby belongs with its mother. Johnny retorts that he either he has her support or they’re finished. Will Jenny agree?


Over at the factory, Alya introduces Sarah as her new PA, but the staff are quick to point out that the job should be advertised so they can apply. Alya then hatches a plan and spends the afternoon treating Sarah like a slave. Will it have the desired effect?

Finally, Maria is run off her feet in the salon – and when Beth points out that she seems to be running the place, Maria is given food for thought, especially when Audrey announces she’s increasing her rent…


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