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Todd's secret looks set to come out in Coronation Street, will anybody be able to forgive him?

Will is set to bring him down...

todd coronation street
Published: Monday, 19th July 2021 at 9:03 am

Since Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Pierce) made a return to Coronation Street, it has been clear that his troublesome side is still very much active and he has gone to extreme measures to get Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank) back, but it appears as though his deceitful actions are about to be exposed.


A stolen heat pump has played a major part in all this as Todd, with the help of a teenager named Will (Ben Hackett), has made it look like Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) was the thief and he has been able to break Paul and Billy up – he has been a busy man of late.

Now he has proposed to Billy and for a while, he thought that he had everything he wanted. Trouble soon came along though, when Will realised the leverage he had over Todd and decided to use that to blackmail him for a substantial amount of money that Todd has been unable to pay in full.

todd will coronation street

And there is Paul, who has long been suspicious of Todd and he has started to believe that he and Will were the ones to set him up, with viewers seeing him confront them both over it tonight. While Todd thought he had dodged another bullet, he soon realised that Will was a liability when he overheard him on the phone to Paul to arrange a meet.

Will knows how much trouble he is in now that he has been busted and a panicked Todd did the only thing he could think of to keep the teen quiet – threatening to make out that he was the thief all along and setting him up to take the fall instead.

While Todd thought that he had once again crawled out of a tight spot, the end of the episode showed a very different story and revealed that Will was smarter than he seemed to be. Having stolen the engagement ring, Will agreed to return it in exchange for more money and Todd went along with it.

Only money was not really on Will's mind. Instead, he used the moment to capture the exchange on video without Todd's knowledge and now he has the evidence that he needs to bring him down.

Tonight's episode ended with Will playing back the recording and seemingly plotting what to do with it. Is Todd about to have his lies exposed to all those he cares about, and will there be any way back for him and Billy when the truth comes out? We certainly would not go back to him if we were Billy!


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