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Nick Tilsley is returning to Coronation Street

Actor Ben Price will be back on screen this autumn

Published: Monday, 23rd April 2018 at 6:08 am

Nick Tilsley will return to Weatherfield this autumn, just one year on from an emotional exit that saw him seemingly quit Weatherfield for good.


As Corrie fans will remember, Nick drove out of town after almost losing his life in deadly quicksand, but the character will be lured back to the neighbourhood later this year.

A source told the Sun: "Exactly how Nick will be brought back into the fray is still to be decided. But the Platts, and in particular Nick, are a massive part of the Corrie family and always at the heart of some of the show’s biggest storylines.

“Producers are currently coming up with a bombshell way for him to come back to Weatherfield.”

Nick's screen family are currently at the heart of the soap's drama, with sibling David suffering in silence after being raped. Will Nick be the one in whom David confides?

Or could we be seeing a reunion for Nick and Carla, the latter having made a comeback to Coronation Street over Christmas 2017?


Asked at the time of his departure as to whether he'd think about reprising the role, actor Ben Price said to

"It’s hard for me to answer that question. Who knows what’ll happen in ten years’ time? So I’m not saying no or yes. I can only really deal with the here and now. And I know this will sound really weird, but I don’t think I’ll ever leave it.

"Part of me will always be at Number Eight and I know that if I did return, within half an hour I’ll have hugged it out with the Platts and it’d be like I never left. So I don’t really feel like he’s gone – he’s just taking a bit of time out.

"And that’s the great thing about soaps – the Platts are still there and I can always pop back and see my mum."

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