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Michelle Connor leaves Coronation Street - and Kym Marsh is already thinking about her return

"This isn't me saying goodbye"

Published: Friday, 27th December 2019 at 8:00 am

Kym Marsh's final scenes as Coronation Street's Michelle Connor air on Friday 27th December, but the actress insists this is definitely not the end of the character she has played since 2006.


"The producer and I very much equally saw this is a break," she told "This isn't me saying goodbye. I love the character and I love the show and wouldn't want to shut the door on that. There are no set plans or date of when I'm coming back, but it is very much a conversation to be had in the future, and when it works for us all. Unless they kill me off screen!"

The actress also opened up about the reasons behind her decision to step away from the role. "I'd been in Hear'Say (the reality show pop band that launched her career in 2001), did a solo singing career, went into musical theatre, did about four jobs and then came into Coronation Street.

"I'd not experienced an awful lot of stuff and so thought it would be nice to have that little bit more experience elsewhere."

Michelle's departure is suitably dramatic, as she she realises to her horror she's sold the bistro to old enemy and business rival Ray, who once made a sleazy pass at her. As a parting shot, 'Chelle decides to trash the place and leave the new owner to clear up the mess…

coronation street michelle connor

"She's furious this mystery buyer turns out to be Ray," shares Marsh. "Of all the people she could've sold the business to it's that slimeball! Michelle doesn't take the news very well but it's too late to change it. So she just smashes the place up!

"For her I also think it's everything she's been through mounting up - the events of Christmas Day and all the fallout. It's not even about Ray at the at point, she's in a very bad place by then."

The emotions also spilled out off screen as she filmed her farewell. "My last day was really emotional and very weird. I had to film lots of crying because of the storyline, which was not a problem as I could weep on tap!

"There were speeches and gifts, I was really overwhelmed. It's not really hit me yet, once I'm off screen I think it will. I'm going to miss everybody, cast and crew. It sounds really cliched but it is like a family."


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