Leanne and Toyah decide to teach Imran a lesson on Coronation Street – watch the new scene (Spoilers)

How will they get revenge on the legal Lothario?


Leanne and Toyah look set to team up on tonight’s Coronation Street when they realise that they’re both romantically involved with local lawyer Imran Habeeb. This evening’s double bill sees Sally overhear the lusty legal eagle discussing his double dalliance with both the Battersbys with co-worker Adam. Annoyed that Imran has chosen to defend her nemesis Duncan Radfield in court, Sally immediately reports back to Lee and Toyah the handsome Habeeb is stringing them both along.


Fuming at being played, the girls decide to teach Imran a lesson and instead of taking revenge in the obvious way they dupe the deceitful fella into believing they are both willing to double date him – no strings attached.

In this new scene released by ITV, Toyah can be seen saying to Imran, “Just relax – no one’s going to make you do anything you don’t want to do,” before adding, “You just bagged yourself a couple of Battersbys, big man.”

With the champagne flowing, Imran is promised ‘the night of his life’ by Leanne and Toyah – but what do they really have in mind to punish the suave solicitor? This is the Battersbys we’re talking about – the mind truly boggles…


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