Kidnap drama for Simon Barlow – watch the new Coronation Street scene (Spoilers)

Get a sneak peek of the abduction attempt on Simon


Simon Barlow is the victim of a shock kidnap attempt on Coronation Street when two masked teens try to bundle him into a car. ITV has released a sneak peek look at the scene, which sees neighbour Kate Connor witnessing the abduction attempt and racing to rescue Simon.


The character of Simon returned to Corrie earlier this week ahead of his sentencing, but got a worrying welcome back in the form of a threatening text. Now, the former teen gang member is fearful of giving evidence against teen thug Tyler – and it seems that he has good reason to be concerned.


This evening’s double bill will see Simon attacked in broad daylight, with Kate having to fend off the assailants. Later on, a jittery Simon shows his family the menacing messages he’s been receiving and Peter vows to protect his son, no matter what.

But events look set to escalate dramatically this Friday when Peter himself is the victim of a drive-by shooting. So is Simon’s association with local criminals destined to end in tragedy?


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