Henry Newton’s fate revealed in sinister Coronation Street exit

Actor George Banks had a dramatic departure scene

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Coronation Street schemer Henry Newton has left Coronation Street screaming for mercy – after being trapped in a car with two men planning to break his legs with a sledgehammer! In a rather ominous exit scene, Henry was abandoned to his fate by Gemma and Chesney after being exposed as a con artist who was planning to fleece Rovers Return owners Johnny and Jenny Connor out of nearly £20,000.


In an hour-long episode of the ITV soap, Gemma chose to be loyal to the Connors rather than Henry when she told them that they were being conned by her boyfriend, who was in fact faking his injuries following a supposed fall down the cellar steps at the backstreet boozer. As Johnny and Jenny told a panic-stricken Henry that they needed police corroboration for his story, he admitted that he’d been trying his luck.


But Henry’s luck really ran out when he told Gemma that he’d dropped his claim for her sake. Disappointed that he’d chosen to lie to her, Gemma dumped Henry and told him to leave. After exiting Rita’s flat, Chesney happened to spot Henry and offered him a lift to nearby Wilmslow, loading his bags into a waiting car. Henry gratefully climbed in, only to be met by the sight of two men who locked the doors. The last sight viewers then had of Henry was him yelling in terror as the car was driven away!

A watching Gemma – sick of Henry’s deceit – chose not to intervene as Chesney offered her his sympathies. Here’s hoping, with Henry out of her life for good, that Gemma finally realises how Ches feels about her…


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