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Michelle jilts Robert in Coronation Street - but has he killed Vicky? Kym Marsh on murder twist

It was one of the more eventful Weatherfield weddings…

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Published: Wednesday, 4th December 2019 at 8:55 pm

No one got wed but someone might be dead after Coronation Street's dramatic big day ended in the bride exposing the groom as a cheat at the altar before he was accused of murdering his pregnant lover.


In front of the stunned congregation on Wednesday 4th December, Michelle Connor (Kym Marsh) played her ace as she read out incriminating texts between husband-to-be Robert Preston (Tristan Gemmill) and other fiancee Vicky Jefferies (Kerri Quinn), proving he has been stringing both women along.

"It's brilliant and he deserves it," Marsh told "When I read the scripts I thought it was great, it's the biggest, bitchiest thing she could ever possibly do.

"And it's not the first time he's lied to her - this was very much the last straw for Michelle, especially given Steve betraying her with Leanne and Robert very much [being] part of that storyline. Losing Ruaiari, contemplating suicide - Robert knows what a hard time she had so for her it's the ultimate betrayal."

Smug in her public revenge, after admitting she only suggested her philandering partner sign over the bistro to her as part of her grand plan, the situation got more serious when Vicky's teenage son Tyler Jefferies stormed in the church and accused Robert of killing his mother!

Fans saw Robert and Vicky have a huge showdown on Monday 2nd December when he threatened her to stay away from the wedding, before the camera cut to outside the Quinns' place while we heard ominous sounds of crashing and screaming from inside.

coronation street robert preston tyler jefferies

Back at home later on, Robert menacingly assured 'Chelle that Vicky would definitely not be showing up to ruin their nuptials. Tyler claims Vicky has not been seen since that night and the finger of suspicion is pointing at the chef - did he lose it and do away with her to protect his future with Michelle?

The police question Robert over Vicky's vanishing act on Friday 6th December, but while he insists he's innocent and wouldn't dream of harming her or his unborn child, can we believe him?

Corrie has released pre-publicity spoilers up to Friday 13th December and Vicky is still missing. Gemmill and Marsh are both leaving the soap soon, and while tabloid rumours are floating that Robert is shot and killed in a siege caused by the nefarious activities of Gary Windass, might he actually be exposed as a murderer and be banged up for life?

Or maybe tearaway Tyler will seek revenge if he has bumped off Vicky and do the same to his almost-stepdad?

Don't underestimate Michelle, either. She's already shown a ruthless streak in her long-game plot to bring down Robert for hurting her, and while it's felt a little out of character perhaps Corrie are turning the brunette into a vengeful killer for her epic exit?


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