Did you know that Emma’s grandmother in Coronation Street is now an Emmerdale legend?

An ex-EastEnder was also her uncle - this girl really is soap royalty…

coronation street emma

The revelation that Coronation Street‘s Emma Brooker (Alexandra Mardell) is the long-lost daughter of Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) and Fiona Middleton (Angela Griffin) has unexpectedly turned the sweet stylist from kooky comic relief to fully-fledged legacy character, but other branches of her fictional family tree expose even more links to soap royalty.


During a discussion between Emma and Steve on Friday, father and daughter finally appeared to be bonding at last after Ms Brooker’s initial refusal to accept the man who raised her was not her biological dad.

Steve alluded to stuffing up his and Fiona’s roller coaster romance, then asked after Ms Middleton’s mum. Emma laughed as the much-married cabbie admitted she used to terrify him, and confirmed she was still going strong and residing in the Isle of Wight.

coronation street fiona's mum pam

Who is Pam Middleton?

Corrie fans with particularly good memories might remember Fi’s no-nonsense mother, Pam Middleton, a recurring character throughout Griffin’s tenure who was played by Elizabeth Estensen, before she joined Emmerdale as matriarch Diane Sugden in 1999 – where she’s stayed ever since.

Pam actually appeared in Fiona’s final episode back in September 1998 as her daughter decided to leave Weatherfield behind, not realising (possibly) she was carrying a mini-McDonald.

coronation street fiona lee

Not only that, but Fiona’s high-rolling brother Lee, who made a handful of appearances in the mid-1990s, was played by a pre-EastEnders Nicholas Bailey who went on to become Albert Square GP/ladies’ man Anthony Trueman in 2000, last seen in a 2014 cameo when he visited dad Patrick Trueman after he suffered a stroke. Lee is Emma’s uncle – maybe he’ll crop again one of these days?

We doubt anyone predicted ditzy Emma would have so many links to so many legendary soap clans when she rocked up last year. Who will her great-granddad turn out to be, JR Ewing from Dallas?!


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