Eileen Grimshaw announces she’s leaving Coronation Street – Sue Cleaver on her character’s future

But is this really goodbye?

coronation street eileen

Long-suffering Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver) is leaving the Coronation Street cobbles behind for a new life in hiding with lover Jan Lozinski (Piotr Baumann) following his brush with death on Friday 30th August, or at least that’s the plan.


The soap favourite changed her mind about going into witness protection with her Polish builder and undercover police informant partner when human trafficking ring boss Rachel Healy gunned him down as he was about to skip town for his secret fresh start.

Rattled by the thought of losing him as he recovered in hospital, Eileen declared she couldn’t imagine life without her man and agreed to accompany him on his new adventure. It’s understandable after everything she’s been through on the street, and Cleaver acknowledges it could be a gut reaction when asked what’s left in Weatherfield for her alter ego.

“She still feels as though some people blame her for what her killer ex Pat Phelan did,” she said. “Both her sons have flown the nest, she has her friends but she wants a proper partner, someone who will look after her and make her feel special. Jan could be that person.”

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On Monday 2nd September, lodger Seb Franklin displays concern at his landlady’s intentions, and by Wednesday 4th September close pal Sean Tully has got wind of what’s going on and secretly visits Jan to beg him to leave Eileen behind. Is she aware of the danger she could be in by a life looking over her shoulder for vengeful gangsters?

Cleaver said: “Eileen is aware Jan has got caught up in a dangerous situation but it is so far removed form her every day life that she can’t really appreciate how much of a murky world it is, or how high the stakes are.”

Corrie themselves aren’t confirming whether Cleaver is actually departing the cast after almost 20 years, but the star herself thinks this is yet another dodgy decision for the eternally unlucky character. “I would advise Eileen to stay away from someone so obviously dangerous,” she said. “I don’t think there’s any doubt Jan cares about her but she should focus on the fact she has great friends and a good job, and maybe just for a quieter life.”

Are you listening, Eileen?


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