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Coronation Street: Zeedan's shock attack will lead to his exit

Actor Qasim Akhtar's final scenes to be shown next week

Published: Friday, 18th May 2018 at 8:55 pm

Zeedan's efforts to protect estranged wife Rana from a local thug will lead from his departure in next week's episodes of Coronation Street. Tonight's double bill saw the fate of bad guy Phil left in the balance when he was seen being loaded into an ambulance. Fearing that he could be heading to jail as a result of his actions, Zeedan looks set to make a shock decision about his future of Weatherfield.


Monday's episodes of Corrie see Zeedan left beside himself in the wake of his attack on Phil, while Rana promises to find out all she can at the hospital. Pretty soon, though, the police are questioning Kate and Rana about the attack, with officers revealing that Phil remembers seeing an Asian male.

Despite Kate and Rana acting dumb, guilt is still weighing heavily on Zeedan, who later announces that he's packing in the restaurant and leaving.

Speaking about his reasons for quitting Corrie, Qasim Akhtar said recently: “When I started I told myself I’d like to do three years on the show then see what happens. By the time I leave I will have done four years so I got another year out of it!

“I’m ambitious and have that fire in my belly to explore and do other projects. There’s so much more diversity in shows nowadays and with more Asian and black actors being introduced into things, I feel it’s a great time for me to be out there. Being young and not having major commitments in my life, this is the time to do it.


“It was a hard decision,” he continued. “I’m really comfortable on Corrie but it’s always been a dream to work in America, but if it doesn’t work out I would rather say ‘oh well’ than ‘what if'”.


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