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"Yasmeen is calmed by hearing Geoff's voice" Coronation Street's Shelley King explains reaction to disturbing prison call

Can she really forgive her abusive husband?

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Published: Friday, 10th July 2020 at 7:55 pm

Yasmeen Metcalfe (Shelley King) has spoken to abusive husband Geoff Metcalfe (Ian Bartholomew) for the first time since she attacked him and ended up behind bars on an attempted murder charge.


The chilling moment where she heard his voice after he stole Alya Nazir's phone to make the forbidden call left Coronation Street fans reeling, but Yasmeen's reaction is not what anyone is expecting, as King reveals.

"It's extraordinary, the sound of his voice calms her in a way," she says. "We know she still misses him. But the way he speaks sometimes alerts her. So she has this dichotomy of feeling - Yasmeen feels protected when she hears him, and she's got used to his voice meaning comfort and security. He says he still loves her and is willing to forgive her."

In a shocking twist, calculating Geoff offers to drop all charges if Yasmeen agrees to take him back and they can be man and wife again, and tries to retract his statement to the police about the night his psychological manipulation took its toll and his spouse lashed out and stabbed him.

Does menacing Mr Metcalfe's u-turn have the desired effect of keeping control over Yasmeen, or can she see through his plan?

"She's tempted to agree to Geoff's suggestions because she doesn't want to go to court and have her life made public. Yasmeen wants to be left alone and carry on her life in the community she's spent the last few years creating.

"Then she tells Alya that Geoff is sorry - but we don't know what decision Yasmeen will make. It's a possibility Yasmeen believes him, but it's not up to the police to drop the charges, it's up to the court. They may not allow it."

coronation street yasmeen and lucy

Speaking to her hubby again later on next week when her cellmate sneaks her a contraband phone, Yasmeen is assured by Geoff he will seek professional help for his issues and that things will be different when she comes home.

"He says he's sorry," continues King. "As Yasmeen has repeatedly said to Alya, he is a complicated man that needs help, if only he'd do it. And now she doesn't know whether to believe him or not. Geoff knows what to say."

King acknowledges this leaves her alter ego with a huge dilemma - should she give Geoff another chance, just as she was slowly starting to accept she had been a victim of coercive abuse for which she initially blamed herself?

"Yasmeen really wants him to change and she's thinking about it, as many women do and that's why these relationships go on and on. If she says she believes him then that's it, the charges are dropped and they start living again. But will she?"


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